We are "truckers helping truckers".
Preparing and executing personalized programs for
start up trucking companies as well as small
established trucking companies is our specialty. We
provide a flexible comprehensive program that
allows the client to establish, maintain, and grow the
new venture from the ground up.
The financial and administrative aspects of the company are handled by Lorrie Downey, the company's vice-president. Her experience of running
freight agencies for multiple trucking companies as well as owning and operating a profitable trucking and brokerage company, has given Lorrie
considerable hands on exposure to various factoring companies and US DOT compliance issues.
Our Log Auditor, Larry Downey, is constantly reviewing the US Dot regulations for hours of service updates. He supervises our Fuel Tax
Department and has gone through extensive training to understand all the services we offer.

Our dispatch team has 35+ years of experience at keeping rigs moving profitably. Take advantage of their talents.

The combined total of 45+ years worth of knowledge and background experience of the founders has allowed the company to be recognized as
an industry contender.

Open Freight Inc also serves as the Register Agent for the state of Florida for the FMCSA.
Open Freight Inc is your transportation industry consultant. We can assist you with your trucking credentials, US Dot
Safety Set-Up requirements, and insurance. We provide a fuel tax and log audit service as well as a dispatch service.  
We are committed to providing the small carrier with the tools necessary for success.

(866) 685-9201     OR     (866) 685-9204
The factoring connection acts as a back office
solution for accounts receivable and capital
management for small trucking companies who
need to leverage their available assets to take full
advantage of their potential return.
We build lasting and positive relationships with our customers by following
through with our services, and staying committed to their success. The
focus of the company is to minimize the small carriers expenses, maximize
their opportunity for profit and eliminate their risk. The company is building
its reputation on providing excellent customer service to the small carriers
in order to facilitate their growth within the transportation industry.
The company's president is Bonnie Logue. She has been intimately
involved in many facets of the transportation industry. Beginning her career
as an owner operator, gave Bonnie first hand knowledge of what is
necessary to be a successful trucker. She has managed a small fleet of her
own trucks, held a position as freight coordinator for a regional trucking
operation and established a freight agency that later grew into a successful
full service trucking company as well as a brokerage company.
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