We want you to think of us as your transportation company consultants. Our
company works directly with small trucking companies and owner operators to
obtain their operating credentials quickly and efficiently. We process
authorities daily and take pride in our customer service.   

We want you to ask questions and if we don't know the answer we will find
someone who does. We can offer the lowest prices in the industry because
we provide you with continued support by helping you stay on the road and
maintaining your operations to ensure your growth.
Additionally, the FMCSA requires a minimum amount of insurance for each type of authority.   Your insurance has to be filed with the FMCSA
within the first two weeks of obtaining your MC number, so there is no delay in your authority activation. Please ask your customer representative
about all of our services. We take pride in being the only company in the industry that can eliminate the confusion and expenses associated with
using several companies to achieve your goal.
Processing Time:
Standard ICC / MC Authority Basics
CALL US TOLL FREE  (866) 685-9201
US DOT Number Only
IFTA Application  (26,000lbs and up)                                                                                      
KYU Number (Kentucky)  (GVW 60,000lbs and up)   
TX DOT Number (required if operating intrastate TX)
NY HUT License     (GVW 18,000lbs and up)  
UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange & Facilities Access Agreement)
SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)
New Mexico Weight Distance Tax ID Permit (GVW 26,000lbs and up)
Same Day Expedited MC Certificate Service
Reactivation of Existing Authority
Authority Name Change
Authority Address Change
Federal Motor Carrier Number
US DOT Number
BOC-3 (Resident Processing Agent Filing)
UCR - Unified Carrier Registration Form (Formerly SSR)  
0-2 CMV'S
3-5 CMV'S
6-20 CMV'S
21-100 CMV'S
Member of Random Drug Testing Program
Other Common Registrations and Licensings
The whole authority process from start to finish takes between 20-28 days. We can provide you an MC Number within
hours of receiving your information.  However, it will not become active until all the necessary documents have been filed.